WordPress as a CMS

In the past, building websites required very advanced skills in web technology and different programming languages. Webmasters were supposed to be well-versed in HTML, PHP, CSS, and many other programs, in order to create even a simple website.

Website owners would have to pay a heavy fee to set up their website to the web development companies, and even today in many cases. However, as internet has become more user-friendly, and with the arrival of web 2.0, website owners can now use CMS (Content Management Systems) to build, organize and maintain their websites. Some of these content management system let users upload preset themes that can be customized easily within a user-friendly interface. One of the most popular & powerful content management systems available today is WordPress.

Although WordPress is actually a blogging platform, it is commonly used to create static web pages and complete websites. WordPress is basically a website administrative interface that lets you control every part of the website using tools that even a beginner can utilize. These tools let you post text, images and any other media easily without having any programming knowledge. WordPress is updated on a regular basis you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated at all. WordPress can be installed even by a beginner using tools provided by your web host such as Fantastico.

One of the most popular reasons which make WordPress expandable and powerful is using an immense array of plugins. New plugins are being created every day, and they can be installed very easily. Using plugins like the All-in-One SEO pack, you can even automatically optimize your site’s pages for the search engines.