The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA) is a federal bill that aims to improve insurance coverage for the medically necessary, doctor-prescribed compression supplies that are the cornerstone of lymphedema treatment.

The Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA) will improve coverage for the treatment of lymphedema from any cause by amending Medicare statute to allow for coverage of compression supplies. Although this legislation relates specifically to a change in Medicare law, it would set a precedent for Medicaid and private insurers to follow.

Client’s Requirement

Heather Ferguson, Founder & Executive Director at Lymphedema Advocacy Group came to Dreamdax through a reseller in Charlotte NC, USA. She was looking for a website with content management system so that she can easily manage the various sections and content throughout the website. There were special requirements like accepting application to share the story, support the bill application where people can fill the forms to support the bill. The application has to connected with various government departments.

Our Solutions

Developers at Dreamdax have listened to the requirements and created a blueprint for the flow of the base website and various sections to go around it. Developers created a custom database for the custom modules and provides an interface for the client where they can upload various databases via CSV to connect with the modules.