This portal is to simplify and promote organised recreational competitive billiards league play at minimal cost. The portal provides pool lovers a platform to schedule matches online with many features like Win Loss scoring, Create or join a division or team in minutes, simple online sign up, Handicapped and non-handicapped divisions, Automatic dispersion scheduling algorithm, Online score sheet entry, automatic Online Stats, Pay by credit card online upfront, no weekly collection hassle, Regional, National, and World play to be considered as popularity grows world wide.

Client’s Requirement

The Owners at wanted to develop this website using Drupal as a base framework and totally customise it to achieve the goals of the website.

Our Solutions

Developers and architects at Dreamdax, designed the blueprint with the various requirements and created a system that was imagined to create this portal. During the project, all stake holders came across various challenges of use cases and developers at Dreamdax provided solutions based on the use cases and created a bug free system which is already in use by the client. Team Dreamdax completed the website within 6 months of time. 🙂