QuietStream Financial serves commercial real estate owners, investors, borrowers and related professionals with a portfolio of innovative businesses.

QSF offerings include investor management, online investor portals, crowdfunding platforms, CMBS underwriting, defeasance, marketing and other alternative asset management services.


Client’s Requirement

QuietStream Financial asked Dreamdax to redesign their website from Ruby-on-rails to WordPress framework. Project managers at Dreamdax discussed the website requirements with QuietStream Financial and learn about the various custom module which were required. There was a custom search function that was asked to be developed as a custom plugin with the website with other sections.

Our Solutions

Developers at Dreamdax started the custom search module in parallel with the website development in WordPress. The plugin was developed as a standalone plugin which can be used at multiple websites. The website was enriched with a creative professional design with well designed sections like team members and company wheels.