VRM Global group has been in construction since 1930’s. We have done it all, Highways, Buildings, Flyovers, Delhi Metro.

They have come a long way since 1930’s. The level of mechanization and quality control is almost at par with the rest of the world. Unfortunately the same is not true for private residential construction. The land prices have increased 50 folds but the way we construct has changed marginally. Take a drive in posh south Delhi area you see numerous houses still using old wooden props to support the shuttering, old mixers pumping out concrete for columns. Then cover the shabbiness by very expensive façade, false ceilings etc. The way we Construct has to change. We don’t give due importance to the perfection in structure and services and intelligent planning.

This is the underlying idea behind KOLUMNS. To allow buildings to breathe and function and blending it with the environment and its inhabitants. We believe that every structure should be unique and its personality should be able to reflect the owner’s persona and his lifestyle.


Client’s Requirement

The owners at Kolumn wanted Dreamdax to design a very creative and user friendly website. They also wanted to be able to update the website by theme selves whenever they have anything to change or add to the website. They have given some references to specific designs to the designers at Dreamdax and wanted them to come up with something like that.

Our Solutions

Designers at Dreamdax came up with various designs starting with logo designs. Once the logo was finalized, the designers created layouts of various pages of the website. The website was done using WordPress framework to provide the easy to manage control panel.