QuietStream Financial is an innovative portfolio of businesses that solves pain points across the commercial real estate spectrum.

The QuietStream Financial team brings together a host of services and solutions under one roof to solve any problem an owner or investor might encounter including investor management, entity management, defeasance, interest rate hedging, tax credit asset management, solar asset management and commercial real estate crowdfunding.


Client’s Requirement

IMS client requirement was mainly to redesign their website in such a way that it builds a unique identity around its branding and uses a very professional user friendly design. There were certain area which needed discussion on how they should be laid out and plan within the responsive framework.

Our Solutions

Designers at Dreamdax, taken the challenge to blueprint the various requirements and created a design which is very user friendly and easy for the customers to find information. Modules like Team members and Institutions were planned accordingly and given a very professional look. The emailing forms were well integrated with the third party tools.