Canteen is a national vending machine operating company offering vending, office coffee service and dining services through a company and franchise network of over 200 locations in 48 states.

Canteen is a member of Compass Group North America. Compass Group North America is the national leader in foodservice management and support services. Serving six million meals a day, from corporate cafes to school lunches, from full-service vending to restaurants.

Client’s Requirement

Canteen came to Dreamdax (through the reseller) to develop a secure website so their franchisees can log in and view special promotions and place orders online. The initial challenge was to build the right relational database to map the links between the franchisees, suppliers and the manufacturers. Canteen also wanted the ability to have flexibility when placing orders and finally to build a mobile app that would send push notifications and display the promotions on IOS and Android mobile devices.

Our Solutions

The web application including the mobile app was developed with single sign on capability for added security for all franchisees. Due to the complexity on how canteen manages the franchisees, suppliers and manufacturers relationships the database needed to be designed to handle various complex scenarios. The promotions wizard has the ability for canteen managers to upload promotions into the system and the design team to submit designs for approval. The PromoDirect Mobile App made it easy for the franchisee owners to get the notifications on the latest deals and place orders online.