The ARC Group of New York is a unique cyber security company that originated from a 169-year tradition of service to “enforce the laws, preserve peace, reduce fear, and provide a safe environment.” The founder, Anthony Reyes, is a retired member of the largest and earliest police department in the United States.

Client’s Requirement

Anthony from ARC Group of New York called Dreamdax to discuss his new website that he wanted in a secure framework. Being in the business of cyber security, his main requirement was to build a website with a very secure framework. At the same time, website should be accessible from anywhere to make changes through a easy to operate content management system. The requirements included E-commerce to see his products online, a forum for users to connect and a blog for better engagement other than more informative sections.

Our Solutions

After much brainstorming, Dreamdax offered to build the website using WordPress with all security tools and secure server environment. Dreamdax used a very secure programming technique to build the custom plugins and removed all WordPress default stuff so that it is saved from obvious WordPress vulnerabilities. Dreamdax also conducting monthly security audits on his website to maintain and make sure his website is secure.