Advance 2000

Advance 2000 is a recognised IT Innovation and solution company based in USA serving its client for last 3 decades. Their IT Strategy and services produces a positive and measurable business outcome. Advance 2000 provides lightning fast, friendly and secure Cloud for Business and serves you as a single destination for all your IT requirements. Their smart services provides flexible options to consume IT requirements as a service allowing you to focus on your business instead of running IT and managing its cost.

Client’s Requirement

Brian and Chris from Advance 2000 client required to completely redesign their website. They also wanted to setup a framework which is easier to manage compared to their existing ZEND framework. This was something they were thinking since many years but for some reason could not achieve it with their old developers. They wanted to build a unique identity around its branding and uses a very professional user friendly design. There were certain area which needed discussion on how they should be laid out and plan within the responsive framework.

Our Solutions

Dreamdax team have taken the challenge and designed a blueprint of the possible solution from website usability prospective, ease of managing website and remain in sync with various departments within the organization. Designers at Dreamdax studied the details the various requirements in depth and created a design which is very user friendly and easy for the customers to find information. There were various database driven custom modules as well fulfilling the custom requirements of the client. Dreamdax used WordPress as the base framework for the website and setup a customised theme as per the requirement of the client.