Best plugins to fight comment spam for WordPress!

Spam in Blogs

We don’t need to explain anything about Spam over here. Blog spam is nothing new and there have been already many articles written about it.

Spam in blogs (also called simply blog spam or comment spam) is a form of spamdexing. It is done by automatically posting random comments or promoting commercial services to blogs, wikis, guest books, or other publicly accessible online discussion boards. Any web application that accepts and displays hyperlinks submitted by visitors may be a target.

How to fight comment spam

There are various plugins for WordPress to fight against spamming. However, with our experience as professionals, we have come across some great ones.

Akismet – This wonderful service from Automattic has been consistently helping thousands of bloggers in fighting blog spam. Not only it is available for WordPress, it has been extended for various other platforms like Drupal etc. We recommend using this plug-in for your WordPress setup.

WP-Spam Free –It’s so powerful that it literally makes your blog secure from all the comment spam. Although, this plug-in is infamous for using extra resources from server. If you have a high traffic blog and get lots of spam comments, then we recommend using this plugin.

SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – Another wonderful plug-in for fighting spam on blogs. It not only helps to fight blog comment spam. It also can be extended to fight automated registrations and automated contact form submissions. This plugin uses a familiar trick of fighting comment spam i.e. CAPTCHA verification. It has lots of configuration options and if you don’t want to rely on automatic anti-spam plugins like Akismet & WP-Spam Free then this plugin will easily serve the purpose for you.

Bad Behavior – This wonderful script has been developed to fight against spam bots. It’s not specific to WordPress and is available for other content management systems. It’s pretty light on servers and has been made available for many of CMS. It has done a wonderful job in keeping this blog spam free from long time and will continue to do so!

ReCAPTCHA – reCAPTCHA is a service that is used by thousands of popular websites to fight spam bots. The service can be easily integrated in a WordPress blog with the help of this plugin. We like this plugin because it definitely has proven its effectiveness to fight the spam bots.