Few common mistakes that beginners bloggers should be aware of

People write a blog for a variety of reasons, as an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual, to promote a business, as a way to reflect on life or for a plenty of other reasons. Blogs are a great to express your opinions and attitudes, but when writing a blog you have millions of competitors. In order to build an audience, you have to avoid few things that can seriously hamper your progress toward your goal.

Uninteresting Posts

Before you start your blog, think about your goals you want to accomplish. Define your target readership and don’t forget that your future readers are common, real people and that you need to write posts that people enjoy reading and they will reward you by returning to your blog regularly. Getting the visitors is easy, making them your regular visitors is hard. Write in a conversational style and on one particular topic. Don’t worry about blog traffic but focus on quality contents.

Ignoring Search Engines Optimization Activities

You should follow a basic but important search engines optimization tips that will make your page perfectly optimized like:
-Your blog URL should contain the primary keyword you want to optimize for.
-You should use your primary keywords in the title of your post and your secondary keywords in the body of your post.
-You should use your keywords in the anchor text of links in the body of your posts.

Not writing often

Write often and write regularly so readers and search engines will visit your blog more often. Post on weekdays because there are more readers during weekdays than on the weekends. Even if you keep a low pace of posts, say 5 posts per week still are available for your readers most of the time.

Uninteresting Design

Your blog design should not be complicated and visually unappealing. If your blog design is complicated it will make readers distracted from reading your content. It also can slow down loading and will drive impatient visitors away. But if your blog design is simple and visually appealing it will be more attractive to your regular readers and also you can submit it to some CSS gallery site that feature great designs and get some extra traffic from there too.

Not Spreading the Word about Your Blog

Don’t just post on your blog and leave it like that. You must work a little bit harder and be active to generate traffic, read lots of other blogs, leave track backs, simply you should become part of the community. You can automate your blog with the social media platform to auto-publish your article and generate traffic from there.